The Journey Of Life..!!

The Journey Of Life

“Zindagi kaa safar humein na jaane kya keh jaata hai…,

Kisiko dosti kisiko pyaar to kisiko jeene ki koi wajah de jaata hai…,

Zaroori nahi hai ki wo pal ya rishtey humesha aapke saath rahe,

Lekin jab tak wo aapke saath ho aapko har mauke par ek seekh de jaata hai…..”

My poetic quote says,

This is written in context of “the Journey of Life”. We all know that the journey of life comes with whole lot of adventures and each time it brings something special in your life.

This journey not only gifts someone a friendship or a love but it also sometimes give you a reason to live that life..

It doesn’t matter whether that moments or relations exist with you forever.

It will teach you something different and special till it remains with you in your life…:)


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The Journey Of Life

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