The Friendship That Matters..!!!

The Friendship That Matters..!!!

“Kuch rishtey ko taqdeer se nahi, balki humein banana chahiye,

Paise se nahi kamaa sakte, balki humein dilse paana chahiye,

Zindagi ki mushkil mein koi aur ho na ho, wo dost zaroor hongey,

Unki zaroorat ke waqt aise nayab rishtey ko humein humesha nibhana chahiye…”

My poetic quote says,

In this world, some relations are not decided by fate, but instead we have to create it.

You can’t earn such relations by money, instead you need a pure heart to earn it.

If your are in trouble and you need someone, you will always find these relations what we call it as “True Friends” besides you.

So, if at any point of time they need you or they need your help, you should be always be ready to take care of such rarest relations.


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The Friendship That Matters..!!!

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